Nature and man succeeded in sculpting a frontier region here where waters hesitate between the Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea.

Explore the lakes and peaks, the forests and limestone plateaux, the roads and paths, and those welcoming villages and authentic hamlets all around Mazamet, which are united by the “Vent d’Autan” and by the same fate, even those enjoying a little corner of the Montagne Noire like Aussillon for example, where the first lamb skins coming from La Plata were treated and which, with its old medieval village vestiges (wash-house, castle door) and modern church “Notre Dame de Bonnecousse” are easy to discover.

Saint Amans Soult, fortified town from the 13th century, whose forests shelter the secrets of the old glassblowers and where Jean de Dieu Soult, an Empire Marshall under Napoleon the 1st, was born in 1769.

And Aiguefonde, jealously hiding its splendid 15th Century castle and French style gardens, not to mention its famous Sirven’s well, the history of which still echoes in a region strongly marked by religious wars.
Or those better exposed to sunlight, such as:
Pont de l’Arn and Bout du Pont de l’Arn both spreading out  where the Gorges de l’Arn (or Banquet) opens out, with its steep paths and its GR36 walk, and one of the best known Midi-Pyrenees golf courses : La Barouge.

And Payrin-Augmontel, with the origins of the Ardorel Abbey, that stretches out to Castres as far as the Peak of Madeleine and which gains its originality thanks to the limestone plateau nearby which houses rare plant species.

Share with the inhabitants the top moments of the year – petanque competitions, jumble sales, lotto, carnivals and funfairs – that all reinforce the villagers’ identity.

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